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MBC will warranty parts and labor for one year against workmanship or material failures.  MBC is not responsible for damage caused by others such as water damage, damage done by other tradesman, or damage done after MBC has completed its contract.


MBC meets or exceeds INDUSTRY STANDARDS in both material and craftsmanship.  Wood in nature varies in color and grain, some more than others.  Mineral, small knots, visible veneer joints, and other imperfections are normal and should be expected.  IF THESE STANDARDS DO NOT MEET YOUR REQUIREMENTS, PLEASE INFORM MBC OF YOUR REQUIREMENTS, AND WE WILL MAKE THE NECESSARY CHANGES IN BOTH SPECIFICATIONS AND COST.


All woods have areas varying in hardness that cause inconsistencies in the stain color and shading.  Soft woods such as Pine, Alder, Fir, Cherry, and others will be most affected by this.  Hard woods like Oak, Maple and Hickory will be the least affected.  The darker the stain, the more pronounced such inconsistencies become.  STAINING OR WASHING DOES NOT MEAN THAT YOUR CABINETS WILL BECOME ONE EVEN COLOR.