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Comments from customers.


Thank you so much for providing me with the two, black, steel under counter brackets! I was so surprised by your kind gesture. My client relays her thanks as well. (her husband suffered a major heart attack at the start of this project and I am working at a much lower rate than usual to help her). I was very impressed with your entire operation, from  the showroom to the offices to the manufacturing facility. I am a general contractor in San Luis Obispo and I will promote your facility and services whenever the opportunity arises. Best wishes for a happy Thanksgiving! P.S. Please say thanks to Mike for his design help, brackets are in and work great!

Kind regards,
Tom Kirschner


January 2016

Dear Steve,

Thank you very much for your extremely generous help of cutting 3 pieces of precise cuts of hardwood.  The wood is being used for mounting a door bell ringer.  I wouldn’t have known where to start-because I do not have the tools or expertise for those cuts.

I so appreciate your kindness!

Bradley Yee


July 27, 2015


I am often very irritated with calling businesses and getting an automated response asking you to push one for this and two for that.  After pushing multiple buttons and listening to numerous ads, waiting on hold for extended periods of time, just maybe a live person will pick up the phone.  I was convinced Customer Service and Customer Satisfaction was dead and a thing of the past.

That was until we called Morro Bay Cabinets.  A live person picks up the phone after the first ring and it was so refreshing.

Our house was built in 2000 by Midland Pacific who used Morro Bay Cabinets for all the cabinets in our home.  We also called Morro Bay Cabinets to install a large cherry wood wall unit in our living room a few years later, which we love.

Through no fault of Morro Bay Cabinets, we have had two issues since our cabinets were installed.  I spilled a few drops of dye on the cabinet door in the bathroom that I did not see until it soaked into the wood.  I called Morro Bay Cabinets to determine what could be done.  The person that answered the phone looked up the records and told me the cabinets were of very high quality and the finish was very tough and the stain could be rubbed out with elbow grease and a mild cleaner.  The worker offered to come by my house the same day and try to rub the stain away.  He was armed with a rubbing compound and the stain was completely gone in five minutes.  The charge was zero to us.  That is Customer Service and Customer Satisfaction at its finest!

Two days ago I broke a hinge on the door of our kitchen corner cabinet.  This cabinet is the most used cabinet in our home.  It houses all of our bakeware and pots and pans.  We again called Morro Bay Cabinets to see if they sold hinges.  They again picked up on the first ring.  We explained what we were looking for and they said come down to the store and we will fix you up.  They looked at the hinge he brought in and gave him the part that was needed to fix our cabinet.  The charge was zero once again.

In addition to having quality workmanship; Morro Bay Cabinets also places Customer Satisfaction and Customer Service at the highest level.  They have both impressed us and shown us Customer Service is not dead and gone.

Thank you Morro Bay Cabinets and keep doing what you do because you are in the forefront and you have made a lasting impression on us.

John and Sally Reynolds


Feb 2 2016

MB Cabinets

Thank you for transforming our closet from a disorganized mess into visually attractive, organized space. Before, I wanted to always keep the doors closed. Now I want them open so I can see the organization.

Ann Johnson


December 2 2015

Hi Steve

We just wanted to let you know how thrilled we are with our new kitchen cabinets! They are perfect and beautiful; even better than we had imagined! We have also been impressed with Al (who came out to evaluate our project several times), Chris, Mike, and Tanner, who came out to do all the work. Doug, Jennifer, and you, Steve, have been incredibly patient and helpfull thoughout this entire process. The whole staff has been professional and through. We will not hesitate to continue to call on Morro Bay Cabinets in the future!

We are still considering a few other projects that would require your expertise!

Thanks for the hard work done in an extremely timely manner!

Stan & Cindy Nalywaiko


June 3 2016

To Steve, Doug & the staff at Morro Bay Cabinets. Thank you for going above and beyond by matching a custom piece that broke on my kitchen cabinets. It’s so great to have a local family owned cabinet shop that I can rely on. Thank you for helping me avoid dealing with a big box store. You guys are the best!!       Erica


June 3 2016

Thank you Morro Bay Cabinets for making the difference in our new kitchen. Your craftsmanship is outstanding. We appreciate all your help in getting this project completed. Your professionals were a pleasure to work with. Warm regards, Reg Cousineau & Catie Garcia